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Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue is a non profit, State Licensed, ALL Volunteer organization that helps homeless or abandoned Shetland Sheepdogs.........also known as "Shelties".   We take in the Shelties that need us, and adopt them out to wonderful new homes.   Founded in 1998 by our current director, Natalie Whalen, Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue takes in and places approximately 150-200 Shelties each year!

 We will take in any Sheltie that needs us.  We do not have a shelter facility.  All dogs are housed and cared for in our network of foster homes.  This allows us to get to know each dogs personality along with any special needs it may have.  



Got Sheltie?

All of our dogs get the best of medical care.  Each dog is treated for any medical problems.....then spayed or neutered, brought current on all shots, wormed, treated for fleas and ticks, heartworm tested and treated if positive for HW,   started on preventative medication, started on flea prevention medicine, and groomed.    All shelties are then carefully placed in approved, responsible, permanent homes.If you are looking to adopt a Sheltie, "Rescue" is a great place to look!!

If you are browsing this site to simply learn more about this breed, then please visit all the links on the left side of your screen.

We take in Shelties no matter what their age.  However, we do get more older dogs than puppies   The puppies and young Shelties are the ones who always get chosen first.  So.....  Please consider adopting an older Shelties.   They are SO confused and scared when they get here, and so badly need the routine of a permanent home.   The older dogs are usually the best trained, the best behaved, and are so easy to care for.

You may view some of the Dogs Available for adoption, by clicking on the  link to your left. 
If you have a Sheltie that you need to get in to our program, please click on the appropriate link on the left pane.

For the safety of our dogs, we ask that our dogs only go to homes with fenced yards.

Why do we ask so many questions?     Read This

If you would like to help the Shelties. Please make a donation here:   

If you live with 30 miles of Bloomington, Illinois -- we need you!! 
Click here to learn about becoming a foster home.


Check out our all new BRAG page. See former Central Illinois Rescue Shelties winning titles!


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Have safe all natural dog food delivered to your door.    Click here for a great store we found that has great prices on dog food....and they donate a portion of sales to our Shelties!!  
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Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!

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